Crop Talk 07/07/2016

PMA Foodservice - Monterey, CA

PMA Foodservice Expo is just around the corner and we're very excited to be returning this year! Make sure you stop by the Babé Farms booth to see our full line of colorful, specialty veggies. Come say "hello" to Ande, Rocio, and Chris at booth #318!

PMA Foodservice - Monterey CA

Pet Talk

Say hello to Mattie, 7 month old Corgi, and according to her mom, "A monster from hell." Mattie's owner is none other than our HR/Accounting Assistant, Terrie Cardoza! Terrie says reluctantly that Mattie is just starting her obedience training, "That's a laugh... you don't train a Corgi, they train you." Nevertheless, we welcome Mattie as the newest Babé Farms pet and wish her luck in the obedience training process!


Best in Season


We have a plentiful supply of the following items:

Beets, Baby Red, Stripe & Gold - Good supplies through the summer months.
Beets, Bulk/Sack 25# - Gold/Stripe, Good supplies through the summer months.
Parsley Root 12 Ct. - Ready and Available now!
Lg. Romanesco 12 & 16 Ct. - Get it while it's here!
Lettuce, Baby (Heads) 2# and 4# - All Varieties in Good Supply!
Specialty Radishes 24 Ct. - Good supplies available!
Kohlrabi, Medium Red & Green 12 Ct. - Great Supplies!
Cauliflower, Baby 24 Ct. - All Colors Available!
Celery Root 12 Ct. - Good supplies through the summer!
See Rocio Harvesting Celery Root!

Recipe of the Week

Romanesco & Beet Salad

Romanesco & Beet Salad

Recipe Here!

Babe Farms - Farm CatalogueBabé Farms recently launched a digital catalogue where anyone can view our entire product line. We feel this will help our customers to better familiarize themselves with our products, pack sizes, etc.

View Our Digital Catalogue Here!

Limited Items

Bok Choy, Baby 10# & 30# - Limited Availability
Cabbage, Red and Savoy 40# - Limited Availability
Tokyo Turnips 2 dz. Bunch - Limited Availability
Beets, Bulk/Sack 25# - Red in Limited Availability

*Check with your Babé Farms sales representative for more information


Recently, Babé Farms owners, Jeff and Judy Lundberg had the opportunity to travel to Chicago where they attended the United Fresh Convention and visited some great customers of ours at Testa Produce. Jeff was fortunate enough to be asked to speak on the United Fresh Educational Workshop Panel! A big thank you to Testa Produce and United Fresh for making this trip special!

Testa Produce - United Fresh Produce

The Annual Swiss Bar Charity Golf TournamentBabé Farms - Golfing for a Cause at The Annual Swiss Bar Charity Golf Tournament

Coming together for a great cause! Some of our staff participated in the Annual Golf Tournament put on by The Swiss Bar in Santa Maria to benefit Mission Hope Cancer Center. Our participants included President Jeff Lundberg, General Manager of Operations Jason Gamble and his son Jace, and Harvest Manager Ryan Claassen. Babé farms has always been a proud supporter of Mission Hope and we were honored to participate in the tournament.