Crop Talk 07/27/2016

PMA Foodservice - Monterey, CA

PMA Foodservice Expo is this weekend and we're very excited to be returning! Make sure you stop by the Babé Farms booth to see our full line of colorful, specialty veggies. Come say "hello" to our team at booth #318!

PMA Foodservice - Monterey CA

Check out this video for a preview!

Babé at the Fair!

Last week was the Santa Barbara County Fair and Babé Farms definitely made its presence known. Our awesome booth was set up by Carrie Jordan and Judy Lundberg with plenty of colorful veggies. In regards to livestock, Lundberg kids, Eddie and Karli raised hogs to compete in market and showmanship classes! The 2016 Fair was definitely a big win for the Babé Farms family!

Babe at the Fair

Best in Season


Due to the warm, dry weather we have experienced in the Santa Maria Valley, we have a plentiful supply of the following items:

Beets, Bulk/Sack 25# - Gold/Stripe, Fair supplies through the summer months.
Cabbage, Savoy 40# - Great Availability!
Parsley Root 12 Ct. - Ready and Available now!
Lg. Romanesco 12 & 16 Ct. - Get it while it's here!
Lettuce, Baby (Heads) 2# and 4# - All Varieties in Good Supply!
Specialty Radishes 24 Ct. - Good supplies available!
Kohlrabi, Medium Green 12 Ct. - Great Supplies!
Cauliflower, Baby 24 Ct. - All Colors Available!
Radicchio, 12 Ct. - Local, Now in Season!
Celery Root 12 Ct. - Good supplies through the summer!
See Rocio Harvesting Celery Root!

Recipe of the Week

Carrot & Pistachio Salad

Carrot and Pisachio Salad

Recipe Here!

Digital Farm CatalogueBabé Farms recently launched a digital catalogue where anyone can view our entire product line. We feel this will help our customers to better familiarize themselves with our products, pack sizes, etc.

View Our Digital Catalogue Here!








Limited Items

Bok Choy, Baby 10# & 30# - Limited Availability
Cabbage, Red 40# - Limited Availability
Tokyo Turnips 2 dz. Bunch - Limited Availability
Beets, Bulk/Sack 25# - Red in Limited Availability
Beets, Baby Red 2 dz. Bunch - Limited Availability Temporarily

*Check with your Babé Farms sales representative for more information

Adrian Returns!Adrian Returns

Our sales force just got a little stronger with the return of our friend Adrian Duncan! Adrian was on maternity leave for the birth of her son, Christopher. This came at the perfect time since her daughters are on summer break. Adrian said that the bulk of her time off was spent outside, either camping or at the park with her kids. We are glad to have her back behind the sales desk!







Bon Appetit BabeBon Appétit Babé

Recently, we've been experimenting with new recipes for Babé Farms produce. Here are a few thing we came up with:

-Coq au vin, made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Baby Purple Carrots.

-Baby Green and Purple Kohlrabi, Baby Pink and White Carrots, and Gold Beets seasoned with pink salt and garlic, cooked in duck fat with fresh thyme.

-Sliced Watermelon Radishes with chopped medjool dates and crumbled goat cheese

Recent Farm Tours

Tours of the farm have become a trend recently at Babé. Last week we had two group[s make their way here. First was ResCare from Arroyo Grande. ResCare is an organization that provides services to people with disabilities. Most of the group had never set foot on a farm before so it felt great to give them that opportunity.

The next tour was a group from Los Angeles consisting of some customers of ours as well as chefs that use Babé Farms veggies. This group learned a great deal about our harvesting and packing process and got some new inspiration for their culinary creations. We love giving tours of the farm - send an email to if you would like to plan a visit!

Recent Farm Tours