Crop Talk 02/14/2017

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Happy Valentines Day

Cone Cabbage Green Cone Cabbage Now Available!

Compared to common cabbage varieties, Cone cabbage differentiates itself through its shape, texture and flavor. Cone cabbage is indeed cone-shaped. Its leaves, with variations of pea green colorings, are thin, broad, deeply veined, tightly enveloped lengthwise and bluntly pointed. The flavor of Cone cabbage is mild and remarkably sweet, void of that bold cruciferous flavor that is most reminiscent of cabbage. This versatile brassica is excellent eaten raw, grilled, seared, or roasted!

grilled cone cabbage

Babé Farms signature grilled Cone Cabbage, recipe here!



Rain on the Farm

Rainy conditions have persisted in the Santa Maria valley. Standing water is becoming an issue on the farm and when paired with consistent showers, it leaves no time for the plants and fields to dry out. This can cause bacterial/fungal disease and roots may become slightly deformed. This ongoing weather pattern will continue to reduce yields and affect quality on some commodities. Planting schedules have been interrupted and in the long term, we will see gaps in production. We thank you for your patience as we work through this wet weather.

Rain on the Farm

Wet Conditions at Babé Farms


Roasted Root Veggie Fries

Roasted Root Veggie Fries

Babé Farms gold beets, parsley root, and kohlrabi roasted with Susie Q's seasoning, rosemary, and grapeseed oil by "chef" Ande Manos


Brussels Sprout Leaves Brussels Sprout Leaves

Babé Farms is now offering Brussels Sprout Leaves in Green, Purple, and mixed cases! These versatile and luscious leaves have a buttery flavor reminiscent of Brussels Sprouts and can be used for wraps, sliced in ribbons, or sautéed in a stir fry. Ask your sales rep for more info!

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Mediterranean grain roll

Mediterranean grain roll wrapped in purple brussels sprout leaves with Sumac yogurt and cucumber relish by Executive Chef Mani Lassahn of Hyatt Regency - Huntington Beach




We have a plentiful supply of the following items:
Watermelon Radish (10 & 25 lb.) - Great supplies Available!
Black Radish (10 & 25 lb.) - Good Availability!
Wild Arugula (4 lb.) - Good Availability!
Cabbage, Green Cone (16 ct.) - Excellent Availability!
Specialty Radishes (24 Ct.) - Fair supplies available!
Brussels Sprouts, Baby Purple (12: 1/2 pt.) - Good supplies available!
Frisée Baby (12 & 24 ct.) - Good Availability!
Cauliflower, Baby Green & White 24 Ct. - Golf Ball Size!
Baby French Carrots (24 ct.) - Good supplies available!
Romanesco, Baby (24 ct.) - Good supplies available!
Romanesco, Large (12 & 16 ct.) - Excellent Availability!
Celery Root, (12 ct.) - Great Availability!
Organic Green & Lacinato Kale (24 ct. Bunched) - Fair supplies available!

*Lacinato Kale also available in 12 ct.

Limited Items

Savoy Cabbage - Limited Availability
Bok Choy, Baby - Limited Availability
Frisée, Blonde - Limited Availability
Cauliflower, Baby Orange, Purple, and Mixed - Limited Availability
Specialty Salad Blends - Some varieties in short supply or N/A
Kohlrabi, Medium Green & Red 1 dz. - Limited Availability
Large Fennel - Limited Availability
Tokyo Turnips 2 dz. - Limited Availability
Beets, Bulk/Sack 25# - All Colors Limited Availability
Parsley Root 1 dz. - Very Limited Availability

*Check with your Babé Farms sales representative for more information


This Week's Forecast This Week's Forecast

Another "atmospheric river" storm is expected to produce moderate gale-force to fresh gale-force (32 to 46 mph) southerly winds and moderate to heavy rain across the Central Coast Thursday afternoon into Friday. More wet and windy weather is possible through the Presidents Day weekend. In fact, this pattern may continue to near the end of the month (look forward to more wet field shots).



One of the most anticipated food trends of 2017 is purple food - and Babé Farms knows a thing or two about purple! Whether it be purple cauliflower, purple ninja radish or purple brussels sprouts, purple veggies add bursts of color to any plate or produce display! Don't forget: #EatTheRainbow

Purple Food

Photo by Babé Farms Marketing Team

Roasted Red Cabbage with Lemon and Garlic

Purple Cauliflower Mash

Purple Brussels Chips with Pine Nut Raina Sauce


Celeriac and Parsley Root Soup Celeriac and Parsley Root Soup


For the Soup:
2 roots of celeriac, cleaned and diced
3 roots of parsley, cleaned and diced
2 T of the chopped celeriac leaves
1 medium yellow onion
4 cloves of garlic
3 cup of stock + more per consistency
Salt, pepper and olive oil as needed

For the corn garnish:
1 ear of fresh corn
1 small red onion, julienned
2 tsp smoked paprika
2 T butter
salt and pepper as needed
handful of chopped parsley leaves


-To make the soup, sauté onion and garlic in soup pot until soft.
-Add the diced roots, salt and pepper and saute for a few minutes until lightly browned.
-Add the stock and bring to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer.
-Continue cooking for 10 or so minutes until the vegetables are fully cooked. Add the celeriac leaves to wilt.
-Remove from heat, cool slightly and process to a smooth velvety puree. Bring back to boil and adjust consistency with water or stock.
-For the corn garnish, melt the butter in a small fry pan.
-When hot, add the corn, paprika and sea salt and sauté until plumped and crisp. The corn will be crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.
-Divide soup into bowls. Top with slices of red onion, fried corn and parsley. Serve immediately.

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Digital CatalogueBabé Farms recently launched a digital catalogue where anyone can view our entire product line. We feel this will help our customers to better familiarize themselves with our products, pack sizes, etc.

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