Crop Talk

Crop Talk #008

We always love to attend our customers' in-house food shows. This past week we made our way to Denver to educate the Shamrock Foods buyers on our current product line.

Crop Talk #007

Last weekend was West Coast Produce Expo in Indian Wells, CA! We had a great time building new relationships in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Crop Talk #005

This month, Babé Farms attended several trade shows including the Baldor "BITE" in New York, and the CPMA Convention in Calgary.

Crop Talk #004

This month we were paid a visit by our new friends from Germany, Enviacon International, who were in the states for an agriculture delegation tour.

Crop Talk #002

Introducing Benji, the newest addition to the Babé Farms family! Benji is the grandson of Ramona Chavez. Ramona has been with Babé Farms for five years as a member of our sales team.

Crop Talk #001

Matt Hiltner is Babé Farms new Social Media Marketing Assistant. His Dad Loren Hiltner (Sales Manager) has been with Babé Farms for over 25 years!