Crop Talk 01/31/2018

image: Babe Farms


New Babé on the Farm

We are very excited to announce a new addition to the Babé Farms family: Hallie Nicole Estrada, granddaughter of our very own Ramona Chavez was born January 20th. Hallie is Nana Ramona's second grandchild (See grandson Benji pictured below with his baby sister) and she was gifted a very fitting new coffee mug. We look forward to when Hallie visits the office so we can introduce her to all kinds of new veggies!

image: New Babe on the farm


Baby Cauliflower

Babé Farms is excited to announce the reintroduction of the Baby Cauliflower program. Many customers have expressed great interest in the ability to procure this item on an ongoing basis. Please note that supplies are limited, Baby Cauliflower is strictly offered in a 24 ct. mix case only; purple, green and orange. Please contact our sales team with your weekly demand for this item so we may plan accordingly to meet your needs. We appreciate your support in helping us bring back one of our signature items.

image: New Babe on the farm


Dry Weather to Come...

Despite being in the heart of the rainfall season, dry weather looks to continue into the second week of February. However, there may be a chance of rain developing by Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. With this warm weather pattern, we expect an increase in production and better quality on some items.

image: Dry weather to come


Radish & Avocado Salad

image: Radish & Avacado Salad

View the Recipe Here!


image: Best in Season

(Photo by Chef Daniela Gerson)


We have a plentiful supply of the following items:

  • Kohlrabi, Medium Green (12 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Leeks, Baby (1 dz. Bunches) - Great Availability!
  • Lettuces, Baby Head - Great Availability!
  • Carrots, Baby French (12 or 24 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Carrots, Baby Mix (12 or 24 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Celery Root (12 ct. & 25 lb.) - Great Availability!
  • Chervil (10 x 1 lb.) - Great Availability!
  • Cabbage, Savoy (40 lb.) - Great Availability!
  • Bok Choy, Baby (10 & 30 lb.) - Great Availability!
  • Beets, Baby All Colors (24 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Romanesco, Baby (24 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Parsley Root (12 ct.) - Great Availability!
  • Cabbage, Honey Cone (16 ct.) - Good Availability!
  • Kale, Lacinato (12 & 24 ct.) - Great availability!
  • Turnips, Tokyo (12 & 24 ct.) - Good Availability!
  • Radish, Watermelon (10 & 25 lb.) - Great Availability!


Limited Items

  • Specialty Radishes - Limited Availability
  • Cabbage, Red - Limited Availability
  • Carrots, Baby Round - Limited Availability
  • Romanesco, Large - Limited Availability
  • Fennel, Large - Limited Availability
  • Kohlrabi, Medium Red - Limited Availability
  • Baby Mixed Cauliflower - Limited Availability


*Check with your Babé Farms sales representative for more information


Dill With It...

Pickling is something we are already recognizing as a major Food Trend in 2018. Whether they're on a sandwich, salad, or veggie plate pickled vegetables are taking over menu's of fast casual and high end eateries alike. We thought we'd try our hand at pickling some Babé Fams did we do?!

image: Best in Season


Chef's Corner

Purple Cauliflower and Fennel Soup topped with sliced Purple Ninja Radish by Chef Daniela Gerson. Daniela is a super talented Chef / Recipe Developer / Food Stylist out of San Francisco.

Check out her Instagram here!

image: Purple Cauliflower and Fennel Soup


Sights from Farm

Recently we did a photo shoot with our talented new friend Angelica Anguiano. In addition to being an excellent photographer, Angelica works in our shipping department, is a part-time teacher's assistant, and is an instructor for Wine & Design! Talk about a busy schedule. Angelica graduated from SFSU where she learned all about art and photography - check out her wonderful photos below!

image: Sights


Digital CatalogueBabé Farms recently launched a digital catalogue where anyone can view our entire product line. We feel this will help our customers to better familiarize themselves with our products, pack sizes, etc. Check out the Fall/Winter 2017 catalogue below!

View Our Digital Catalogue Here!