Babé Farms: Chefs becoming more adventurous with specialty produce

by Christina DiMartino | September 23, 2016

Social Media and Marketing Assistant Matt Hiltner for Babé Farms, headquartered in Santa Maria, CA, said the company sees chefs creating vegetable dishes ranging from rudimentary cuisine to intricately designed dishes with layers of colors and flavors.

"Chefs are getting more adventurous with how they use our products, pairing them with other ingredients that aren't necessarily traditional," said Hiltner.Jeff Lundberg and Joachim SplichalJeff Lundberg, president and chief executive officer of Babé Farms with Joachim Splichal, chef and founder of Patina Restaurant Group, field test fresh product.

"Another common trend is utilizing all parts of the vegetable, whether it is beet and carrot tops or fennel fronds," he continued. "Minimizing food waste and eating the parts of veggies that are normally scrapped has become the 'green' way to cook."

Above all, he pointed out, chefs and high-end retailers look to Babé Farms when they want sophistication. Retailers want to be known as the store that carries specialty vegetables, and with the Babé Farms label they know they're getting quality.

Babé Farms grows a variety of colorful and specialty veggies such as carrots, cauliflower, beets, radishes, baby lettuce, fennel and much more. Its motto is "Paint Your Plate" because its vegetables add splashes of color to any dish.

"The eye-catching nature of these special items can bring the average produce aisle to life," added Hiltner.

Babé Farms is a grower, packer and shipper. It operates on a year-round basis thanks to the mild coastal climate in the Santa Maria region.

The company is also keenly aware and responsive to the importance of sustainability, and constantly works to decrease its carbon footprint.

"The most recent measure we have taken is the activation of our new on-site cogeneration plant at our processing facility, Fresh Venture Foods," explained Hiltner. "The plant is fueled by natural gas, and it generates clean energy while helping to keep our costs down."

And it continually works on new product development, as well as keeping up to day with industry trends.

"One way we do this is through social media," added Hiltner. "It's the best way to see how our products are being used, and it enables us to keep up with the latest innovations on the market. We interact with our followers, sometimes providing them with product for them to create and innovate."

Recently Babé Farms ws tapped to supply root vegetables and other specialty items for an exclusive dinner party during the Emmy Awards. The event is being held on Sept. 18 in Los Angeles.

"The event took careful planning as we had to ensure we were able to grow enough to meet the requested quantities while also providing the quality specifications the chefs were looking for," said Hiltner. "We're proud that Babé Farms' specialty vegetables is contributing to the success of the menu for this major Hollywood event."