Babe Farms debuts CaliCabbage

image: Babe Farms CaliCabbageAnde Manos, marketing and business development manager for Babe Farms, shows off the company's newest item.


Babe Farms reported turning heads at Fresh Summit with its new CaliCabbage product, a cone-shaped cabbage with seasoning, dressing and croutons, all put together in a hexagonal cardboard package that provides space for branding, usage instructions, nutrition information and a photo of the grilled finished product.

Ande Manos, marketing and business development manager for Santa Maria, Calif.-based Babe Farms, said visitors to the booth were blown away.

"They're just surprised that cabbage is so glorified," Manos said with a laugh. "They're like, whoa, cabbage is fancy! It’s pretty surprising."

"The reception's been very good, and kind of just awestruck because they're just like, 'Wow, this is pretty innovative,'" Manos said.

The CaliCabbage just recently began shipping. While grilling is the use featured on the package, the cabbage can be used in other ways as well.

"You also can roast it, you can use it as a wrap, you can also carve it out and make it into a boat," Manos said.

The company has also been offering the cone-shaped cabbage variety for foodservice.