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Wild Arugula

Wild Arugula aka Wild Rocket was once a term used to distinguish the foraged variety from the garden-grown arugula. Now Wild Arugula is a garden species– Diplotaxis erucoides which has a slimmer, serrated leaf with a fiercer flavor profile. Raw Wild Arugula amplifies the flavor of any mild mélange of salad greens and balances with many other types of flavor profiles.

  • Flavor: Peppery

  • Washed and ready to use

  • Shelf-life: Julian date on case

  • Lot Code: Stamped on box

  • Packaging: Pillow pack

  • Recommended Storage Temperature: 34°-36°F (1°-2°C)

  • Growing Region: Santa Maria, California

  • Availability: Year-round

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