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Colorful beets are not only widely popular for their earthy flavor but also their nutritional value; beets are loaded with nutrients and phytochemicals. They’ve also been featured on all the popular cooking shows, food blogs, gourmet magazines, farmers markets, and at fine dining restaurants. Beets are often paired with creamy sharp cheeses, balsamic reductions, prepared roasted, grilled, pickled or served raw. Babé Farms beets are packed fresh from our fields in Santa Maria, CA. Beets are versatile and very easy to prepare, you can either roast or boil the beets to remove the skin. We prefer to boil the beets until they’re fork tender. Blanch in ice water to cool, then simply slip the thin outer layer of skin right off the beet! Once the skins are removed you can dice and marinate in a tangy vinaigrette.

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