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Parsley root

This native of Europe, has long scented the cooking of Germany, eastern Europe and the Netherlands. Aromatic and versatile, this old world vegetable has several aliases, such as; petrushka, Hamburg parsley or heimischer. It is the size of a small or medium carrot, never as large as a parsnip, with which is forever being confused because of its color and shape. In fact, the parsley root tastes much different from the parsnip. The parsley root contains strong flavor elements of celeriac, parsley and carrots. Parsley root adds depth and aroma to braises, stews, purees, soups and mashed potatoes.

  • Weight (Bunch): 15 – 20 oz.

  • Pieces/Bunch: 6 – 8

  • Length: 5” - 7”

  • Weight: 1 - 2 oz.

  • Flavor: An earthy parsley essence with hints of ginger and celery.

  • Growing Region: Baja, MX

Parsley Root.png
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